• July 06, 2020

4 zodiac signs that will find love in 2020

January brings a nice, fresh feeling of a new beginning. It is perfect for throwing everything away and leaving behind what happened in the previous year, while at the same time opening up new opportunities. And for some zodiac signs, this also means the possibility of finding a partner in the new year.

If you have been thinking about it for a long time and have also actively made dates and / or chatted with interesting people, this could actually develop into a full-blown relationship – thanks in part to what’s going on in the sky.

In general, there are a few different things we can look at in the area of ​​relationships: of course Venus, as a planet of relationships; Mars, which can indicate romantic conquests as a projecting and sexual planet, and Jupiter, which is auspicious and adventurous. Even the asteroid Juno can represent marriage and long-term relationships.

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When these factors grace your astrological horoscope, it can create an atmosphere of relationship vibrations and things start to fit together.

As Cardinal says: “We also consider the status of each ruler planet of each character as an insight into how receptive the individual can be to new situations.” So if you are looking for a partner, go out and stay open – and that could well lead to you meeting someone new.

1st Aries (March 21 – April 19)

The ram will meet someone in the new year, but only if he is willing to slow down a bit and have deep conversations.

Around January 3, the moon transits through the sign of Aries and forms an aspect with Juno, the asteroid of long-term relationships. All of this means for the normally hard-boiled ram the opportunity to soften a little, offer his emotions and vulnerability to a partner who is willing to accept them, and thus find a little stability and security.

Typically, Aries move at a fast pace, focusing on their own goals and plans. They rarely slow down long enough to put work into a partner search or to think about security or security.

These adjectives are usually not part of the Aries vocabulary, so it may not be an effortless undertaking – but if they are willing to move and leave their comfort zone, they will benefit as well.

To do this, Aries can try to open up more to a person who is interested in them. For example, if you are used to wiping complicated conversations aside, you may be surprised at the bond you can find through such conversations – and by getting to know people at a deeper level and seeing where it leads.

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2nd Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Thanks to Jupiter, the virgin could be more lucky in finding new relationships in the new year.

Your ruling planet Mercury will meet the lucky planet Jupiter in Capricorn on January 1, which is also an earth sign. This planetary aspect promises not only happiness to the virgin, but also the kind of excitement, joy and adventure that comes with a new relationship.

That’s why finding a partner could be so easy that you just start a conversation with a stranger. The virgin can also help this happiness by deliberately trying new things to leave her comfort zone and just see what happens.

Even if a new relationship is easy to find, the virgins should not necessarily assume that it will last forever. You should be careful and not put all your expectations of happiness in this one person, as you will likely be disappointed if it turns out to be a life lesson rather than a long term relationship.

Still, whatever happens can be meaningful – and a lot of fun. For the virgins, the experience of the new year should simply focus on enjoying the moment and then accept whatever happens next.

3rd Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Thanks to Mars, the shooter is starting the new year with a good relationship.

On January 3, Mars enters the marksman’s mark and brings a fiery extra kick that makes the marksmen feel even more excited and adventurous than usual. Shooters want to enjoy the buffet of life by nature and with this transit they feel more alive , more dynamic and ready to look for opportunities to sexy flirts.

This can end in an amusing affair that is very intense and burns out shortly afterwards. Or it can lead to a lasting relationship. Since their ruling planet Jupiter has just entered the more serious and committed Capricorn, shooters could also find something permanent if they encounter someone special.

It will all depend on what you are looking for and how much commitment you are willing to give to keep the relationship going after the initial phase. If the shooter develops feelings and wants to make things official, he can do so by being honest with his new partner about his wishes and actively looking for ways to keep the relationship alive and interesting.

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4. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Venus can inspire Aquarius to open up to the idea of ​​a relationship.

When we enter 2020, Venus, the planet of love, is in the middle of a transit through Aquarius and shows people of this sign not only how they can be more loving to themselves and others, but also how they embody the receptive energy of Venus and receive new relationships and let them into their lives.

This can be a new experience for watermen because they typically want to do their own thing and often don’t take the time to develop connections with others. But if dates and relationships are a topic that has bothered you, the new year could be the best time to finally try.

You just have to be open to the idea of ​​letting others in – which can be difficult, but will also make you happier than you might expect. Aquarians should consider using this Venus energy at the beginning of the year and finding out what they can offer.

The new year can be a good time for everyone to venture out into the world and see who you get to know. The astrological processes in these four characters make the process all the easier.

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