• July 02, 2020


ARIES FOR July 2020

Your ruling planet, Mars, moved into your sign at the end of June, setting your self-confidence and temper ablaze. This red-hot energy will be the wind in your sails all month long, so you’ll need to keep both hands firmly on the helm — this amount of fire can easily get out of control. Try channeling your self-assured passion into work, causes you care about, or just your morning jog. Try not to let this Martian influence lead you to speak over others or trample over anyone in the way of your goals. 

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You’ll continue to feel the heat when the sun moves into fellow fire sign Leo on the 22nd, injecting a much-needed sense of play into your life. Whether you’re spending most of your time indoors or at the beach, this is your chance to kick back and embrace some fun summertime vibes: Make a game of any menial household tasks, establish a weekly video call with your kid relatives, and take some time to romp in the sun (but not before applying some SPF). As much as you’ll be in the mood to kick butt and take names this month, your inner child deserves some time in the spotlight, too.

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