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  • August 06, 2020


CANCER FOR July 2020

Your birthday season has been dampened by Mercury retrograde rolling through your sign since June 18, but it’s not beyond saving. Mercury will begin to direct course on the 12th, making room for a little more levity and a little less self-doubt and scrutiny. You’re a sensitive sign, Cancer, and never want to present yourself in a way that puts off others. It’s fair if you spent the last three weeks picking at every perceived flaw you found in yourself, but the time has come to look past those seeming shortcomings and consider, instead, all the good you have to offer. The 20th will see the new moon arrive in your sign and remind you that treating others well starts with yourself. 

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Your relationships sector will get some celestial attention this month as well: The full moon on the 5th will push you to give as good as you get in your partnerships, romantic and otherwise. This lunar phase comes with a penumbral lunar eclipse in tow, suggesting that you could stand to learn a valuable lesson on equal relationships by looking to your past.

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