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  • September 21, 2020


GEMINI FOR July 2020

Mercury retrograde has been eyeing your bank account since June 18, Gemini, leaving you feeling on edge at best and utterly insecure about your finances at worst. Luckily, this period will come to an end on July 12, at which point you can slowly ease up on your penny-pinching and constant password-changing. As you make your way through the two-week post-retrograde shadow period (during which time you still run the risk of Mercurial hijinks), think about how you can replace defensive money habits (i.e. paying the minimum on your bills or stopping all spending instead of creating a budget), with practical, proactive ones (like budgeting wisely or creating intentional savings accounts). Anxiety is natural when dealing with money, but it shouldn’t determine how you deal with your cash.

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The material world will remain top-of-mind for you during the new moon on the 20th when questions around worth — how you define it, where you seek it, how you earn it — are likely to arise. Being realistic with money, while seeking a sense of comfort, can feel like walking a tightrope. How can you redefine what’s worth the most to you, in order to cultivate a greater sense of ease around finances?

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