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  • August 06, 2020

How To Get A Man’s Attention (According To His Zodiac Sign)

Some may say that you have to follow certain steps and guidelines to seduce a man: wear your hair in a certain way, behave in a certain way, only call back after a certain time.

Who came up with these rules anyway?

Seducing someone is not a scientific formula, and everyone is unique and different. And when it comes to astrology, what works for one zodiac sign won’t necessarily work for another.

Seduction is a way to get a man’s attention before showing your whole package.

Maybe you’re a girl who wins a guy over by inviting him to a basketball game and then taking him to an opera the next day because he’s never been to one.

The seduction is only there to get his initial attention, and then the rest of your personality is the icing on the cake.


Aries men LOVE girls who would do anything for what they want. They love competitions, so make sure you make your claim and let them know you want them. But don’t forget, honesty is key!

So don’t tell him things that are not true. He won’t be happy to have devoted himself to you just to realize that you’ve played something for him.


Bull men know that if they are patient, good things will follow. So if you want to get his attention, it might be best to start with friendship.

Let him know how amazing you are by spending time with him and having long conversations. He loves girls who can communicate with him on a deeper level.

So show him how much you feel committed to your friendship before you get involved in something hotter. Make him laugh. Get him out of his serious state of mind for a while.


The curious twin loves learning new and interesting things about you, so surprise him with a spontaneous trip to a place in the city that you both have never been to.

Go there, explore and chat all day, and when you get home he will only think of you.


If you want to get the attention of a cancer, you just have to touch it. But somehow secretly.

Let him understand that you like him without completely freaking out his sensitive side by taking daring steps. Take it slow. Be patient and it will pay off in the end.


Sometimes you really have to work hard to get a lion’s attention, so dress up, clap your eyes, and be open to what you want.

Or just give him an overwhelming kiss on the lips. Yes, that should work.


Virgo men can be a little tricky – they’re super loyal, but their analytical nature can sometimes make things more difficult. So the absolute best way to get his attention is to be yourself completely.

When you’re at the bar, grab a beer, have a real conversation, and really emphasize your magnetic personality – all without exaggerating anything.

He’s in tune with the smallest details, so make sure you’re showing your best side. If everything goes well, he will immediately feel connected to you and things will be directed in the right direction.


Libra men love a good party, so why not host your own and invite him as your special guest?

If you are having fun and wearing something adorable (but also practical), you will undoubtedly catch his eye. And don’t forget to buy your favorite beer before it comes to impress it a little more.


Look directly in the eyes of a scorpion man. It’s that simple. These guys are passionate and go straight to what they want, so you know instantly whether this connection has been made between you two.

But be careful: they tend to be a little jealous, so when flirting, make sure it’s obvious that it’s only with him.


If you want to get into a shooter’s heart (or pants), take him to a comedy show. Or (maybe better for what you’re up to) plan a night of watching his libling comedy shows on the couch and ordering a pizza.

Whatever you do, make sure you have fun with it. When he sees what a great time he can have with you, he won’t let you go.


Capricorn men tend to act responsibly and methodically. So plan a concert night to change your mind and have a great time.

He is always ready to dedicate himself to the lady who wins his heart, so make sure you are that person by showing him that you know what he likes (and he can have fun doing it).


Men with this zodiac sign get along easily, as they tend to be really sociable. So go somewhere where it’s full – like a festival or the beach – and let off steam.

He will admire your open-minded personality and he will be impressed that you can keep up with him.


A fish man is about feelings. So if you want to learn how to seduce a man with this zodiac sign, you have to give him everything.

Nothing pretended, nothing fancy – just show him who you really are, look him in the eye and have an amazing conversation. You will win him over in no time.

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