• September 19, 2021

Leo Yearly Horoscope 2021

Leo Horoscope 2021: Get Ready To Roar Loudly

Roll out the red carpet, because Leo has arrived. Leo is represented by the lion, and these spirited fire signs are the kings and queens of the celestial jungle. They’re delighted to embrace their royal status: Vivacious, theatrical, and passionate, Leos love to bask in the spotlight and celebrate themselves. These lions are natural leaders and they enjoy cultivating friendships and romances that are artistically and creatively inspired. Playful Leos have no problem leaning into drama-fueled romances that are perfectly suited for the tabloids. (In fact, they may even prefer them.) After all, every Leo perceives him or herself as a celebrity. These astrological divas never get tired of lavish dinners, exclusive parties, or decadent designer wear.

Leo is ruled by the sun, the dazzling celestial body that governs life and vitality. The sun never goes retrograde, and likewise, Leos are renowned for their stability, loyalty, and consistency. They are dedicated friends and lovers who put their heart into every relationship. (Fittingly, the Leo sign governs the heart.) Lions love to watch their mates succeed — until they feel threatened. They can become impaired by their ego, pride, and jealousy when they start to fear their star power will be eclipsed. It’s important for celestial lions to remember that their light is never obscured by others, and the bright shine of others’ success does nothing to their own. Ultimately, Leos’ own hubris is the greatest threat to their happiness.

This fixed sign is known for its ambition and determination, but above all, Leos are celebrated for their remarkable bravery. In tarot, Leo is represented by the “strength” card, which depicts the divine expression of physical, mental, and emotional fortitude. Fearless optimists who refuse to accept failure, Leos will find their deep wells of courage grow as they mature.

Leo horoscope 2021: Never give up on romance

Leo horoscope 2021

Leo natives, after a chaotic start in January, your heart will get carried away in February. In March you will be rewarded in all aspects of your life and your ego will be filled with satisfaction for a long time. However, May and June will see you question your professional and emotional relationships and experience great fatigue. This will all weigh heavy on you.

Stay strong

Love will restore your faith just in time for summer. October will lead you to a state of bliss. The end of the year will be turbulent; everything will come crashing down in November. December will encourage you to stay positive when faced with challenging situations.

What influence will the Leo rising sign have on your year?

Leo rising, you will experience extraordinary moments where your enjoyment will be fully expressed during more complicated, tense, and tiring times. Avoid reacting to things unreasonably and instead concentrate on what is truly important.

What’s your goal for 2021?

According to Leo 2021, you will be tempted by marriage but will question whether it is right for you. In your working life, you will be fierce in defending your liberties and making your ambitions a reality.

An early look at 2022

Saturn will slow down the progress you make and Uranus will enjoy trying to throw you off track. Important questions will be asked about your romantic relationship or contracts at work. Luckily, Jupiter will grant you optimism and present opportunities to you from mid-May to the end of October.


Leo love horoscope 2021: Will you be walking down the aisle?

Leo love horoscope

Leo horoscope 2021 will be a joyous year for the majority of the time: new encounters, reunions with old friends and good times spent with people you care about are all guaranteed. When in a group, you’ll feel comfortable and could even speak out to defend a common cause.

Nevertheless, there will be movement within your friendship group. You will be led to oust someone out from your group who has deceived you or who has become out of control. The months to be wary of are April, June and December.  


You will be offered lots of generosity in your relationships with others. You will seek to reinforce the romantic bond you have with your partner, perhaps through marriage or an engagement. If you are currently single, you will be sure to find someone soon.

Astrologist advice for Leo:

‘Leo friends, you may fall out with some friends in 2021, but on the whole, you will experience lots of happiness within your friendships. Even if drama and arguments occur, stay true to yourself and stand up for your views.’

Leo career horoscope 2021: Time for a career change?

Leo career horoscope

Pay attention because at times your professional life will really take it out of you, making you impatient and hot-headed. You may also struggle with negotiation and making progress in your work. That said, your colleagues will be there to support you. In March, the joy and pleasure of work will come back to you and you will soon be presented with a promising job offer or contract.


You may have to deliberate over whether changing jobs is the right option for you. A difference in personality will also be seen; you will go from being picky and particular to being more laid back and creative.

Financial horoscope for 2021: Trust your instincts

Money horoscope Leo

Saturn will give you hopes of financial improvement and will ensure important movements of money. Your intuition will see you make good investments and transactions. People who owe you money will be able to pay you back; do not hesitate to insist, if necessary, and to be firm. That being said, don’t make unreasonable expenses.

Leo Health horoscope 2021: Take a break

Leo health horoscope

Gifted with bravery and dynamism, you will experience moments of total euphoria this year. You will become an example to many for how to love life. Nevertheless, you will be under pressure and risk reaching breaking point some months. That might have repercussions for your health; be wary of falling, pulling muscles and burnouts in January, February, May, June and November. Carry on loving life like you do now, but avoid chain smoking and consuming excessive amounts of alcohol.

Planetary influences in 2021 on Leo:

The following planets will give you the determination you need to make your Leo horoscope 2021 a success:

  • Jupiter will suggest that you put together solid plans in your romantic relationship.
  • Saturn and Uranus will limit your enthusiasm. At work, you will be torn between commitments and freedom.

Leo yearly horoscope insights into every month of 2021

Which months of 2021 will be the bestand which will be the worst? Discover the luckiest month for each zodiac sign.

2021 Months:What’s in store for Leo?:Astrology rating:

Not off to a great start…⭐ 10%

Marriage is on your mind⭐⭐⭐ 60%

Spring will make you smile⭐⭐⭐ 60%

You’ll look for shortcuts⭐⭐ 30%

Relax a little⭐⭐ 30%

Take a break⭐⭐ 25%

Things are getting you down⭐⭐ 25%

Your energy is incredible.⭐⭐⭐ 70%

September 2021
You motivation is admirable⭐⭐⭐ 70%

Your efforts will pay off
⭐⭐⭐⭐ 80%

November 2021
You’re getting tired⭐⭐ 25%

December 2021
Perfect end to the year⭐⭐⭐ 70%

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