• July 06, 2020


TAURUS FOR July 2020

Keep saving and spending wisely, Taurus — this is a wonderful month to add to your nest egg, tighten up your everyday budget, and put your money toward meaningful causes. Venus retrograde ended last month and left behind a stunning realization about how you deal with money (and other valuable resources like your time and energy, for that matter). If the lesson wasn’t obvious, some soul-searching around your approach to these finite but oh-so-valuable assets will be in order. 

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While Venus asks you to reevaluate your financial situation, Saturn retrograde will make a more existential demand. When the back spinning ringed planet moves into Capricorn on July 1, your normally change-adverse sign may start itching for just that — a change, a shift, a slight tweak, that can set you on a course toward a better, more informed, aware, and inspired version of yourself. Unfortunately, this retrograde is not conducive to movement. It will highlight where and how you can begin to broaden your horizons, but it will tell you to go over (and reckon with) your previous errors and missteps first before you can take action. 

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