• July 15, 2020

The one thing you won’t tolerate in a relationship. Based on your zodiac sign.

In a relationship there is not only rainbow and sunshine. Problems and disagreements come up Excuses are exchanged and it goes on.

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However, there are certain things that are inexcusable for some. And this is what this article is about.


In order to really annoy a ram and not to say to make it angry, then reject it. Aries are brave, combative and proud. For the Aries, rejection is tantamount to the end of a relationship. So if you reject a ram, reject it or run away from it permanently, then it may not want to continue this relationship. 


When you’re with a bull, don’t even think of anyone else. The bull is probably one, if not the most loyal sign of the zodiac. These earth signs are reliable and incredibly patient with his partner, but infidelity is unforgivable and no matter how much the bull loves his partner, he would end the relationship coldly and wordlessly in the event of infidelity. 


If you only think a lie, the twin will recognize that. The worst thing for a twin in a relationship is when he can no longer trust his partner and can no longer distinguish between lies and truth. Lies are unforgivable to him and will most likely lead to the end of a relationship. 

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The cancer is incredibly emotional and is intent on protecting its inside. Add to that his excellent memory, which makes it difficult for him to forget, and it also includes things like when someone has disappointed or hurt him. He would retire and end the relationship, even if he knows he will suffer from the separation. 


The lion is extremely proud and if you hurt his proud, he will no longer let you in his heart. It is also incredibly difficult for him to give in and give someone a second chance if he did not take the first chance. The pride of the lion often stands in the way of his happiness, but that does not deter the lion from holding on to his pride. 


The virgin has perfect time management and is reluctant to waste life time. Don’t make her feel like she’s just wasting time with you. The Jungfrau is efficient, creative and always polite. But be sure your kindness disappears the moment she realizes that you are just a waste of time. 


The Libra is a walking mirror, it expects what it gives itself. If she feels you have no empathy, the relationship may end quickly. The Libra wants to be understood and it wants to be heard, if it feels that it cannot get it, it may no longer stand up for this relationship and make it clear to you that it no longer makes sense. 


The scorpion is an “all or nothing!” Person and if he is disappointed by you, there is no going back. Even if he loves you immortally and has invested a lot in this relationship, he will want to end it as soon as possible. When building a relationship with a scorpion, you should always be loyal and communicative. He does not accept being cheated, if that happens, it is very likely that he will try to take revenge. 

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The shooter is, so to speak, “everyone’s friend”. If this fire sign trusts you and he finds out that you have misused this trust to your advantage, the shooter will remove you from his life with a snap of your finger and there is no going back. 


Be careful of jokes or sayings in front of an ibex, especially if it is about yourself. Capricorn is a serious, righteous and mature personality and if someone dares to fool you, you can bet that the relationship or friendship has ended. And Capricorn’s vengeance is as dark as Scorpio’s. 


If you ignore an Aquarius, especially in an intimate relationship, it’s almost over. If he makes the effort to pay attention to you and nothing comes back, he can get angry. Aquarius is one of the “great speakers” under the zodiac signs and if he feels that you are not listening to him, it can lead to the fact that he excludes people from his life. 


Fish are difficult and depending on how they stand with you everything can be unforgivable for the fish. You never really know what to expect from this zodiac sign, as it has properties of almost every sign from the zodiac. Only that much about the fish, if they are unusually quiet, then this is just the calm before the storm and you should dress warmly because depending on the trigger, it can happen that the fish only sees black and white and no longer judges fairly,

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