• July 15, 2020


“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” If you think that you or a friend could repeat this sentence once in a while it means that you like to appreciate yourself. To discover if you can blame the stars for that, check our list of the most narcissistic Zodiac signs.


They can not help it. They were born beautiful and they know it. This is how a narcissistic mind works.

Narcissistic people are passionate about themselves and if they are not careful, the ego is the one who will take care of them. Having good self-esteem is essential to the success of the relationship with ourselves and with others, but when it is an exaggeration, it is not healthy at all.

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Everyone can commit the sin of being led by narcissism, but there are some signs more prone to it. Get to know now the top 3 or the most narcissistic Zodiac signs.


This is not a surprise to anyone. Leo is represented by a lion, the king of the jungle. Full of strength and courage, they know they can own the world. Besides that, their ruler is the Sun, the center, and the most important star of our system.

The powerful sunlight gives the boost to Leo stands: no one can be more important than me. No one can be more beautiful than me. It is this same light that gives people of this sign the ability to be the center of attention without making too much force.

They are usually not shy and know how to express themselves very well. Although this is a fire sign and this area is more related to water signs, Leo is very creative. Leo knows how to express itself beautifully and sensibly whether it is singing, painting or writing. That is, a true artist!

All these characteristics make anyone an exceptional person. Leo knows this and makes sure everyone knows it too.


Taurus may have a quieter way than Leo, not quite enjoying drawing attention. But all this modesty means one thing: it does not matter what you think, I am right and I am at peace with it.

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Taurus has one of the toughest minds in the whole Zodiac and it is almost impossible to make them change their minds. It is true that they are not brought to change and take millennia to make decisions but a lot of it is because they do not believe that anyone can think or do better than them.

Venus is the ruler of this sign: the mark of love and beauty. This is enough for all the people of this sign are already born with a natural charm. It is a je ne sais quoi that whispers elegance and superiority.

This ruler leads Taurus to surrender to the lust and pleasures of life. They are always well dressed and usually go to the best restaurants to cuddle their egos constantly.


This may rather be a surprise for most. Who would have thought that the reserved Capricorn could be in the top 3 of the most narcissistic zodiac signs? But this is true and we explain why.

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Capricorn is the sign that only sees success. To get there, they draw a straight, or rather a long climb, and do not let anyone get in their way. Lovers, daily distractions, all this is easy for Capricorn to divert. What they want is to get there and only when they arrive is that they will pay attention to others – looking from the top, of course.

Things do not usually happen fast for Capricorn and maybe that is why they give so much value to the path. And if during the journey, they worked to become smarter, successful and confident, and everyone needs to know that, right? It is as if they took this admiration of the world for all the hard work done so far.

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