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  • August 06, 2020

What Each Zodiac Sign Is Most Sensitive About

Each zodiac sign comes with its own strengths, weaknesses and insecurities. They may not be obvious, but If you
dig deep enough, you will likely find that just about everyone has something they are hypersensitive about. A lot
of those sensitivities may be too specific and particular to each individual beyond what the zodiac sun sign alone
can account for. Nevertheless, the zodiac signs may be sensitive about some things more than others. Here is a
look at what each zodiac sign is likely to be most sensitive about.


Aries men and women are sensitive about anything that would make them appear weak or impotent. They want
to be admired, and respected for their robust constitution and their plucky, never-say-die attitude. For this
reason, Aries people highly dislike the idea of people feeling
sorry for them or perceiving them as a helpless victim. Aries may be sensitive about their physical abilities
especially with regards to aging. One of their biggest fears is becoming old and useless and being incapable of
taking care of themselves. Aries people may be consciously and subconsciously driven to stay active and
demonstrate their durability, and vitality throughout their lives while clinging to their youthful exuberance for as
long as they can..

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Taurus people are oen blessed with gorgeous features like smooth skin, illustrious hair and a beautiful voice.
Even if they aren’t especially endowed in the looks department, Taurus knows how to accentuate their best
qualities and dress themselves in an attractive manner. Nevertheless, Taureans make an effort to look aer their
appearance and they try to avoid habits that are detrimental to their health and beauty such as excess
consumption of junk food and inadequate sleep. Taurus’ vanity can make them very sensitive to any changes in
their body such as weight gain/loss and aging. In addition to healthy nutrition, many Taurus people may take an
interest in physical fitness, cosmetic surgery or unorthodox homeopathic treatments in order to preserve and
prolong their physical beauty.


The Gemini person is typically a very loquacious and mercurial individual. However, because of their penchant
for cultivating a wide breadth of knowledge that doesn’t run very deep, they can come across as little more than
a scatter-brained dilettante. Many Geminis take an interest in a little bit of everything and they can be really
good with trivia knowledge. Geminis want to be seen as smart and insightful. When people don’t value or take
interest in their words and insights whether spoken or written, it can wound Gemini to their core. Gemini prides
itself on its sparkling cerebrality and wit and the last thing they want to be perceived as is a dull and dim-witted


Cancer is a sign that is sensitive and empathic. The empathy in their nature makes them especially sensitive to
any form of rejection, injustice, or devaluement experienced by their loved ones. Cancer can take it very
personally when someone they love is mistreated or wronged by another person almost as though it were
happening to them. This can also apply to things they value such as their culture and hometown. Cancer wants
to feel pride in their family and so they are inclined to vigorously defend the honor of loved ones against anyone
who tries to put them down or disrespect them.

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Leo cares a lot about how people value and perceive them. Leos are stereo-typically colorful and outgoing
characters but even the more introverted varieties crave attention. Furthermore, Leos want to be recognized as
good people and to be a pleasure for others to be around. Leo wants to be loved and adored and so rejection,
insult and mockery can really wound their spirit and pride. Leos are naturally generous and loving individuals
who gi the world with their warmth and boundless love. The image they present is oen one fashioned to
attract that love back to themselves. This is why Leos tend to be concerned with having charisma and
“personality” as an important part of who they are.


Virgos are acutely aware of many things and details most people wouldn’t fret over. Virgo can be very neurotic
and overblow minor flaws and imperfections they see in themselves. For this reason, Virgo can seem high strung
and neurotic at times. Because they are oen so hard on themselves, Virgo really doesn’t appreciate hearing
criticism from other people, especially regarding things they are already aware of. Although Virgos can be
hypersensitive about their flaws, if they cannot hide them, their coping mechanism is oen to be selfdeprecating and make fun of themselves first before anyone else can.


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For Libra, life is a balancing act. Whether its their social life, their professional life or home life, Libra tries not to
tip the scales too far in either direction. Despite this, Libra can sometimes inadvertently alienate or damage
certain relationships while trying to massage another. Libras tend to be naturally likeable thanks to their charm,
class, and style. They also care about their relationship to society at large and would prefer to occupy a
privileged and charmed status. Many Libras are creative and or artistici in some respect and so having their
productions valued and loved by people may be especially important to them. Social media for Libra, is a
godsend as a source of popularity and instant validation and proof of their esteem and value by society.


The sign of Scorpio is associated with death and rebirth in both the literal and figurative sense. Scorpios may
have a fixation with death especially with that of their own. This may be part of the reason why many Scorpios
seem to be attracted to danger as if acting in defiance of it. To live on the edge and survive the odds so they can laugh in the grim reaper’s face is one of the twisted ways Scorpios deal with their fear of demise. Scorpios tend to
have a defiant attitude against death which can lead them to be in a bit of denial. Even in the face of imminent expiration, Scorpios can cling tenaciously to whatever fighting chance they have. Many Scorpios would be open to having their body cryogenically frozen until scientists discover the secret to immortality.


Sagittarius is the wandering philosopher of the zodiac and as such, they carry a broad perspective about life and
the future. Sagittarians are known for being very opinionated and candid in their speech. They like to dig into deeper discussions and drop nuggets of wisdom and insight and common sense all delivered with a side of humor. Although jovial and light-hearted most of the time, Sagittarius people can get serious and sincere when it comes to political matters and beliefs. Whatever side they fall under, Sagittarius’ sense of goodness and moral rectitude informs and fuels a lot of their political and social views. Among those values is the pursuit of truth,
freedom of expression and the freedom to explore and test boundaries at the risk of offending others.

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Capricorn is a sign associated with work, work, work. Because career and accomplishment are so paramount to this sign, “lazy” is not a word to describe them. For Capricorn, acquiring professional success is foremost on their mind. Capricorns can be true workhorses and workaholics who bury themselves in the pursuit of capital gains.
For this reason, Capricorns can be sensitive about what they are or are not able to accomplish relative to their peers. They can feel insecure if they are not making enough money, achieving what they believe they should or
find themselves stuck in lowly dead-end positions where they feel unempowered and without influence.


The Aquarius person is a friendly individualist who prizes both their independence and their fellowship with
others. Aquarius is sensitive about not being respected as an individual thinker. They have an intrinsic need to
protect their sense of identity and not lose themselves in the collectives and relationships they take part in.
Furthermore, Aquarius seeks to freedom to do what they are passionate about and unfetter themselves from the
auspices of burdensome bosses and authority figures. Aquarius does not want to be seen as a flunky or submissive servant to anybody.


Pisces is a sensitive and empathic soul but many Pisces may conceal much of their sensitivity behind a veneer of
prickliness that keeps people from getting too close to their vulnerable center. The inner world of Pisces is more pronounced for them and they can easily lose themselves in the tide of their emotions, impressions, and fantasies. Many Pisces may struggle with being understood by others and consequently get subjected to harsh
criticisms and judgments from close-minded people. Pisces may get sensitive about having to justify themselves and what they do, especially when much of the time they don’t really even know why they’re doing

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