• July 13, 2020

Why Each Zodiac Sign Hates Talking About Their Feelings

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You’ve created a fake persona where you don’t care about anything or anyone.


You regularly feel silly, like you’re overreacting, like you don’t have a right to feel how you feel.


You don’t want your feelings to be used against you in the future. You don’t want to regret opening up to someone about your secrets.


You don’t want to burden anyone else with your problems. You don’t want them to worry about you.


No one ever asks how you’re feeling. No one bothers to reach out.

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You get uncomfortable with serious conversations. You would rather keep things lighthearted.


You would rather help others deal with their feelings. You would rather focus on their issues.


You prefer to bottle everything up inside and hope it magically goes away once you forget about it.


You don’t want to make a big deal out of how you feel. You don’t think it needs to be discussed.


You aren’t in touch with your feelings. You don’t even know exactly how you feel.


You don’t like attention on you. You would rather blend into the background.


You honestly don’t think anyone cares about what you have to say, so you don’t bother to say it.

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