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  • September 24, 2020

Your Love Style Based On Your Zodiac Sign In 2020

How do you typically behave in matters of the heart? What is your love style?

Every zodiac sign has a particular “love signature” that tells how you like to love and be loved in return. Your elemental love nature will give you clues about whether you are shy, outgoing, or passive in matters of the heart.

Read on to determine your love style and that of your romantic prospects

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1. Aries:

Passion and fiery heat is your love operating style.

You like to go for the gusto, taking bold action on your feelings. You are courageous and upfront in relationships and let others know exactly where you stand.

2. Taurus:

Slow and sensual, you know exactly who and what you want.

Your “Earth child” love is comforting and grounding for all those, who encounter its soothing touch. You are loyal and patient in love and want a partner who appreciates this.

3. Gemini:

A meeting of the minds is your highest value in love.

For you, a stimulating and interesting debate is the best aphrodisiac, as you appreciate intelligence and wit above anything else.

4. Cancer:

Dreamy and intuitive, you love to share your feelings with your partner and feel a sense of connection and understanding.

You are nurturing and supportive in relationships and love taking care of your partner.

5. Leo:

Creative and playful, Leo needs passion in love.

You want to entertain and be entertained in relationships, as boredom is the kiss of death. Your love style demands that you be the center of attention for your romantic partner or you will soon lose interest.

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6. Virgo:

Your analytical, thoughtful, and sometimes moody mentality demands attention from your mate. You want your lover to express just how much he or she loves you.

You want regular verbal reminders that you are appreciated and tokens of affection that really lift your spirits. Receiving love and affection also makes you a generous giver.

7. Libra:

Romantic and social, you are always thinking of thoughtful ways to please your partner.

It’s important that conflicts are minimal in your relationships as they disrupt your sense of balance and harmony, so you prefer a relationship where diplomacy rules.

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8. Scorpio:

Your emotionally intense nature demands a deep and powerful connection with your love interest.

Superficiality is a turn-off to you, as you want to dive beneath the surface and explore your partner’s more mysterious side.

9. Sagittarius:

Diversity and adventure are a must for you in love.

You are enthusiastic and expansive in expressing your affections, but you do best in a relationship where you can have plenty of space to roam free and explore unknown territories.

10. Capricorn:

You are a committed and pragmatic lover and express your affection through actions more than emotions or words.

You like to make your partner feel satisfied for as if he or she has everything needed to feel comfortable in life.

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11. Aquarius:

Freedom and individuality are crucial to your experience of love.

You are an inventive and stimulating partner who always has something new and interesting to offer to your relationship, just as long as you have the space to be yourself.

12. Pisces:

Your sensitive and compassionate love style comes from your deeply spiritual nature.

You have a lot of love to give and appreciate a relationship that allows you to safely open your heart, without fear or insecurities that you will be taken advantage of.

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